Monday, June 25, 2012

Blood Orange Juice

My parents have this huge Blood Orange Tree in their backyard (random fact: blood oranges are considered to be among the finest dessert oranges in the world! Who knew?!) and lucky for me, on occasion, when we visit...I will open the fridge to find a pitcher of this crimson juice just calling my name. It really doesn't get much fresher than this...simply delicious! 

Whether you have oranges on hand, or have to go buy them at the store; there is just something about squeezing your own juice that makes it taste that much better! My dad has a cuisinart mixer, with a juicer attachment and it works great--but I'm sure any juicer would be just fine! OR buy this way CHEAP lemonade's so super convenient too!
This is my sis Rach who gets to enjoy this on a regular basis. I know, it's just not fair I tell ya!

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  1. YYYUUUUMMMM is all I've got to say!

  2. I had this for the first time in two years ago! So good! I've made it a couple times here for breakfast and my boyfriend just loves it! It reminds us of our beautiful trip- and how much we want to go back to Italy! How lucky are you/your parents that you get to enjoy this treat so often!

    xo Kayla

  3. Sweet....literally. That looks delicious! I love making fresh juice. :)

  4. Looks SO GOOD! I just had San Pelligrino's Blood Orange juice mixed with seltzer and it is going to be hands down my favorite beverage for summer! I can totally see why they are the #1 dessert orange in the world!
    x Hannah

  5. LOVE blood orange anything C: Living this far north it is such a novelty to hear about anyone have a citrus tree in their yard. C:

  6. Your post really struck home with me! Just yesterday I was picking blood orange's from my Dad's tree. My plan is to make juice and then freeze it into popsicles. :)

    1. oooh shannon that sounds like such a great idea...I'll have to try the popsicle idea! I'm sure they are delicious!


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