Monday, May 14, 2012

Serving Color (aka: party-planning-palette)

Happy Monday to you all! How was your Mother's Day weekend? Well, mine was full of a sick baby, a thoughtful husband and good food...guess you take the good with the bad. My little S got HFM disease and it's been all in her mouth (its a virus and its SO awful!!!). Oh my heart has never broken so many times, I feel so bad for her and there really isn't anything I can do; I think that is the worst part! But she is finally starting to act a little more lively, which is a good sign!

So since it's starting to get warmer, I am kind of feeling the "I want to plan a party, but need to find the energy to plan a party" for a fun summer get together! Food is always a fantastic way to add color to anything! So here are few of my favorite "serving color" palettes--you've gotta start somewhere right?!

Do you have a favorite party-planning-palette you use? I always love color combos that stir up my appetite :-)

1. Center Piece Hues
2. Berry Color Palette
3. Sweet Tooth Palette
4. Shades of Cocoa
 5. Serving Mug Palette
6. Creamy Color Palette
all images from getty images

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  1. love all of them actually, but I think the 1st one is really dreamy :)

  2. So sorry your baby's sick :( I love all those color palettes, but maybe the Serving Mug is my favorite. It reminds me of summer :)


  3. I love these all! That's my favorite part of party planning. Figuring out the color pallet. :)

    I'm having my first giveaway today. Come check it out!


  4. The ice cream one is awesome. Perfect for a summer party.

    - Sarah

  5. Love love the berry one. Just up my alley.

  6. That serving mug palette is a winner! Hope your little one feels better soon :) Definitely let us know which palette you end up using for your party


  7. i am dying over the berry color amazing!

  8. Oh... I hope your baby is feeling better already.

    Love all these colors! And food, of course. :)


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