Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Some scarf tying tips

I saw this post on In the Loop blog and LOVED it so much that I just had share it! How nifty and creative is this?! Who would have thought that one scarf could be such a wonderful, versatile and colorful accessory!!! Perfect for spring time indeed!

Here are the special scarf tips!
1. Yellow Scarf: Add a corsage to spice up your scarf.
2. Pink and Purple Scarf: Use an infinity scarf as a shawl.
3. Lime Green Scarf: Fold your scarf in half, put the middle around your neck. Wrap the sides around your neck and back through the loop you made in front of your neck.
4. Geometric silk scarf: Add a chain to your smaller scarves with safety pins for a creative chic look.
5. Turquoise Tassel Scarf: Tie a loose knot and let your scarf fall like a large necklace.
6. Black and White Scarf: Take a chunky scarf and wrap it around your shoulders. Tie a bow.
7. Pink Scarf: Wrap a belt around your scarf for a vest-like feel.
8. Green Pashmina: Tie two corners of your scarf around your neck. Take the remaining two corners and tie them around your waist for a halter-top effect.
9. Coral Scarf: Tie a knot towards the bottom of your scarf.
10. Yellow Soft Scarf: Check out this video to see how to braid a scarf.
11. Black and White Leopard Scarf: Wrap a scarf around your waist to create a belt.
12. Yellow and Purple Scarf:What’s better than one scarf? Two!
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  1. I really love these tips! I pretty much wear my scarves one of two ways and would love to change it up!

  2. I love this I have wayy too many scarves.
    glad it came with hints as I would have been stumped by 2 for a while...

  3. Love this post! Such a good idea. Thanks so much for sharing.

  4. LOVING LOVING this!!1 its great! i always am looking for new ways to rock my scarfs!


  5. i am obsessed with scarfs so this is the kind of post that has my heart fluttering!

    xx jes

  6. Wow, it reminds me my last post :)

  7. Thinking of trying number 7, Hmmmm. Loving this post, new life for scarfs all around.

  8. this is very cool! thanks for sharing :)


  9. I love 4 and 6! Now I just need to buy more scarves...

    Et tu, tutu?

  10. it's on my favorite bar!! :o)
    great tips... can't wait for fall to arrive so I can try out some of those techniques... ;o)


  11. Love #10 for sure. The volume is so feminine. :)


  12. So creative! They are all lovely looks and it's good to change things up every once in a while!

  13. I love discovering new ways to tie scarves!! Wow I learn more everyday! Lovely post :)

    <3 Sharmaine Ruth

  14. I wear scarves almost every day! I always enjoy tying them in different ways and your feature today is just perfect, thank you! I hope you are having a wonderful week and Happy Wednesday!! Be sure to stop by my blog and take a peak at the redesign.
    Twirling Clare

  15. Such an easy way to accessorize and inject a pump of color! I love scarves and I'm definitely going to be expanding my collection in the near future because I simply believe that one cannot own too many scarves. Thanks for sharing such creative ways to tie them!

  16. i love this.... im always trying to figure ut good ways to tie these things!!!


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