Wednesday, March 28, 2012

egg-tastic finger-painting

I think I have mentioned it before, about my obsession with stationary and cards?! It's like I'm a paper hoarder and there's just no stopping me! :-) So, instead of buying Easter cards this year...I decided to go old school and do a little finger-painting to make my own (I like to have a few holiday cards on hand just in case of an emergency *wink).

So, if you're feelin like you want to get your fingers nice and dirty...go on and make these little notes to give to friends and family! :-) The kids would have a blast creating their own little finger eggs too!
All you need is:
-a few pieces of white cardstock bent into cards
-two or more "Eastery" paint colors
-a toothpick
-a plastic plate (but I didn't have one so I used wax paper?!--I know just go with me here ;-D)
First, take your paint and drop about 18-20 colors on your plate/paper...than sort of eye ball it and mix in different variations of colors (for ex: for the lighter pinks I did 3-5 drops of white on top of my pink) Mix each droplet with your toothpick (cleaning it off each time you mix a different drop)--
wow that sounds way more complicated than it is.
**in other words make 18-20 different shades of pink and purple! :-)**
Here comes the fun part...take your finger and with each shade of pink/purple (or whatever colors you chose) make a little egg fingerprint...
My palette got a little out of wack...I was mixing and testing all over the place--so feel free to get crazy! They're your cards anyway :-)
Lastly, I took the white paint and created designs on just a few of my little eggs...It just added that special Easter egg touch. However, on the other one, I didn't do any designs--I wanted that one to be more simple.
And here ya have it...pretty eggtastic indeed! :-)

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  1. Ohh lovely if a little messy :p
    I think the decoration makes it really look like they are eggs. I would probably decorate at least one of them, but that is just me xxx

  2. Such a cute idea! I think I will wait till next easter to try it with liam...I could see it getting out of hand this year lol

  3. These cards are so cute and happy and I want to go make fingerprint eggs with my boys now. Thanks so much for the cool idea! I'd love you to stop by my link party and share. :)

  4. how cute is this?! i love it!

    drop by allister bee soon!

  5. Wow I LOVE how different and festive this is! Such a great idea, especially for decorating the house with Easter stuff. I love it!

    - Sarah

  6. I have a little 'niece' who will LOVE this. I'm pinning it riiiiight ... NOW. :)

    These are so CUTE! I literally smiled with delight when I saw them.

  7. How cute, handmade Easter cards :)

  8. adorable! would be a fun thing to do with kids too :)

  9. This is just a fantastic idea and they look so adorable! It takes me back to my younger days when I made a book complete with my fingerprints for my 4th grade class!

  10. Very cute idea! Looks like a lot of fun too!

  11. oooooh, that looks like so much fun! xoxo

  12. ooo i love it very cute! love all the pink haha!

    xx Kelly

  13. Cute!!
    I think my little guy would love to help me make these. :)

  14. Oh pretty darn cute! Love this idea!!!

  15. Totally, totally doing this!!!!! This just made me so happy!! Of course I can still fingerpaint at shame. I mean there is a reason I'm a teacher...

    Also, sprinted to Wal Mart after work yesterday to stock up on confetti eggs and they didn't have any. I was sooo bummed.
    The hunt isn't over though...I WILL find some. :)

    Happy Wednesday! And it won't be too too long until you'll have some extra little fingers for some really fun fingerpainting!!

  16. So cute! I'm pinning this :). Are you in pinterest? I should follow you?

  17. I love reading your blog just to get a splash of color in my day! I actually thought of your blog when I was dying the chocolate I used for my Spring Time Graham Bark [ ]! Keep it up! And congrats on your pregnancy!

  18. I love these! I had thought about making finger print bunnies with the kids this year and haven't gotten around to it. These turned out so well, it take the creative pressure off! Great tutorial - I'll do these with the kids (while baking cookies!) Cute.
    I've done Bunny & Chick Shadow Puppets & cards yesterday -- come by, I think they're for you!

  19. I added this to pinterest this morning, I already had 6 people repin it, yay for you!

  20. I really like the idea! So funny :)

  21. made these today with joss and tyler for the grandparents! turned out so cute!

  22. You've been featured on Wednesday Whatsits! Thanks for linking up. :) I hope you'll be back to share again.

  23. I love these - gotta put it on the list for next year!


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