Friday, February 10, 2012

Valentine Fortune Cookies...

A few weeks ago, I attempted to make fortune cookies from scratch. Lets just say they didn't turn out...not even remotely close :-(. It's always a bummer when your ideas don't pan out the way you imagined. THEN I decided to take an easier route, and instead of making them from scratch...I used pre-made pie crust!!! (always my saving grace haha)

You will need:
-pre-made pie crust
-red food coloring
-cup of water
-small brush
-small strips of paper with your fortunes typed or written
-11x17 pan
First, spread a little flour on the surface of your cutting board, just so the crust doesn't stick...
Next, lay out your crust and take your cup to cut out as many circles as you'd like.  
Then lay them all onto your 11x17 pan, (if you're wanting them to be colorful, skip down a few steps)
 and place your fortunes right in the middle...
Then you simply seal them up and close the edges nice and tight...
For the red cookies, I placed two drops of food coloring onto the dough and spread it with the brush. I let it dry for about five minutes...then put the fortune inside, and sealed them like I did the others. If you don't want any color, then just brush on some water and add your sprinkles! 
I then placed them on the edge of a cup so that they would fold nicely. :-)
 Once I was finished with all of them, I put them on the pan and cooked for about 8 minutes at 375°
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  1. Soooo CUTE! I absolutely love these! They're pretty and yummy. I need to give this recipe and whirl. Thanks for shaing! :)

  2. I tried to make homemade ones a few years back for Chinese New Year. It was a sad looking finished product! Love your idea!

  3. what a great idea!! I always imagine things will work out differently then they do!! ahhh. these looks beautiful!


  4. Oh my colorful and pretty!

  5. Yum, so cute! Don't forget to enter our give away !


  6. I'm going to pin this! I never thought of making my own fortune cookies ... now my brain is going crazy with all the great things I could do with them :) Awesome things like announcing baby gender to grandparents and stuff like that.

    Oh, and using them as Valentines :D

  7. how cute!! these are wonderful!!

    drop by allister bee soon!

  8. Wow...You are a rock star! What a great idea! :D Thanks for sharing!

  9. love this! i've actually made homemade fortune cookies before on a date (typical provo!) but we definitely didn't think to decorate them. :) nice job!

  10. How romantic this would be for V-Day!

    Just made some quinoa salad. Come see!


  11. These are so, so cute! I've always been a little intimidated at the thought of making these, but I think this recipe is doable!

    Bennett Love

  12. How neat. I've never thought to make fortune cookies from scratch. But what a perfect Valentine's Day idea. I love this!

  13. Love this! I will share with my followers on Facebook, twitter... :)

  14. Recently I was playing this cooking game on my laptop and I was making fortune cookies. And I was surprised to see that you have a post just like this. What a coincidence. Nice idea by the way. =)

  15. Thank you for this recipe. I'll try to do it today :)

  16. Such a cute idea! Love it. Hugs, Hanneke

  17. Sooooo adorable and easy! My boys would love them.

  18. These are so cute! I always thought a quirky life calling would be to write fortune cookie fortunes. This is my chance!!

    Cable Car Couture

  19. This is amazing! I wanna make green ones for St. Patty's Day now!


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