Monday, January 30, 2012

Crayons & Fire

A few years ago, my mother in law gave me a "wax seal kit" for Christmas. She knows how much I love stationary, and everything that goes along with it. :-) I love the the looks of a beautiful wax sealed letter (when I use it, I feel like I am living back in the day when letters were written on scrolls and then sealed with a nice blob of hot wax ha) I actually wax sealed my Christmas letters with an initialed J and it was the perfect last touch! 

So I thought it would be so fun (since one of my MOST FAVORITE holidays is coming up...Valentine's Day!) to make special little Valentines with a "heart"felt wax seal! (this project uses matches and fire, so adult supervision is a must!) What you need:

-Crayons (I used pink and red)
-Sharp object to dig in small spaces (I used the end of a mechanical pencil w/out the lead)
-Few small pieces of paper (this is the canvas of your wax seal)
-a match 
First, take the paper off of the crayon. (for obvious reasons)
Directly over one of your pieces of paper, take a match and melt your crayon so that about five or six drops of wax fall onto your canvas.
This is what it looks like...I love the marble texture of it! Then, let it dry (takes only a few seconds)...
And start sketching your little heart design...for the red I simply did dots in the shape of a heart.
With the pink ones, I carefully (don't be to rough or your seal with crack) dug out a hallow heart
Then I wrote a little "happy Valentine's Day" message...
poked a hole in the corner, added a ribbon and now I can tie it onto a little V-Day treat :-)
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  1. This is super cute. Looks like a good chance for me to access my inner pyro...

  2. Oh this makes the perfect little love note.


  3. Great idea, and solution for stubs of crayons leftover!!!

  4. So cute Aarean! Thanks for your sweet comment about Abigail's little round girly face :) I'm kind of completely, head-over heels in love with it! ;P

  5. LOVE. And love that you were playing with crayons and fire. ;)

  6. thats a great idea - i never would've thought of that!

    Pieces of love

  7. so cute! simple but so cute. you are so clever! i'm totally doing this.

  8. Such a cute idea! I love diy projects that are easy and fun to do!

  9. Aww these are so cute and creative! Need to try this!

    Bennett Love

  10. love this idea! so simple to do...and quick! my kind of project:)
    and thanks for checking out my blog!


  11. Love it!

  12. I ll try it!!!!!very cool !!!thanks for share it!!

  13. This idea is just so great! Simple and beautiful and I love it!!

  14. This is so cute! I love how simple and sweet the card looks.

  15. Oh, now I'm yearning for a wax seal kit, too :) But till then, I'm lovin' this simple do it yourself version. So cute...and I have a ton of crayons lying in wait!

    PS...fabulous blog~

  16. What style love it!

  17. sucha neat idea! gonna try it xx

  18. This is just soo cute! Love the simplicity and thanks for leaving such a nice comment on my blog. Hugs, Hanneke

  19. This is such an awesome idea! My boyfriend is a graphic designer and now he is defintitely getting a melted crayon valentine from me :) Thanks for sharing, yoru blog is super cute and inspiring! (found you through Delightfully Tacky's sponsor post!)
    xo Hannah

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