Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Spotlight with Anastasia Marie

Hi there you all!!! How was your holiday weekend?! We got back late last night, unpacked (worst part of traveling isn't it?!) and went straight to bed, but before I drifted off to dreamland I sat and played with my new toy (yes my friends I have found the light! haha)...I see how these little buggers can be quite addicting!

This week I have some fun New Years Eve posts...but before that, I thought I'd share a spotlight (since I haven't for a while). I feel like its a way to showcase people with a great eye for color! I asked Anastastia from Anastasia Marie to tell us how color inspires her! Her stationary work is simply beautiful...and I love her style and creativity! Here is what she had to say...

"I am a huge color lover. I live and breathe color. As a designer, I can't help myself. When I first stepped foot into my little home when my husband and I were looking for somewhere to call home, I really hated it. The walls were unpainted, the rooms had barely any lighting since there were barely any windows, the carpet was dark, and let's just say it was a really depressing place. (Don't worry, we fixed it up!) And if you're anything like me, the color of your walls impacts your home as well.  I'm really into putting together really pretty inspiration palettes. Not only do they inspire me to create pretty cards and stationery for my clients or to sell in my Shop, but other folks get inspired too. I'm currently working on rebranding my company and I chose gold as my main color long before I even started. Now everything is revolving around that one color in attempts to compliment it. It really doesn't surprise me how one color choice is affecting so many of my decisions. I've chosen four boards with four very different color palettes that I've put together. See how my color choices for these palettes steered me towards a certain board theme, which then led to what types of images would be chosen. Afternoon Tea makes me feel all elegant. The muted colors make this party a toned down one.
Darling Apples gives me a glimpse into what an old-fashioned summer must have been like. The bright pop of the orange and green make it super festive and carefree.
Bold Mood is quite dark. The darker colors almost give it a dreary feel, but the crimson sure does lift the mood a bit.
Hello Yellow is a subtle gray party for you. But wait, that touch of yellow just changed the mood to fun!
Afternoon Tea image credits: waist bow {image source unknown}; these sweet blooms {image source unknown}; this sparkling champagne via The Sweetest Occasion; this wild bouquet {image source unknown}; this fancy hat {image source unknown}; this sweet dessert via Sara's Scrapbook; this cup of tea via Hello Naomi; and these bow shoes via Efeundodos {found via Style Me Pretty}.
Darling Apples image credits: orange tree via tompalumbo Flickr; this ribbon via BHLDN; these apple escort cards via Project Wedding; this chair via MLW; this apple table setting via Martha Stewart Weddings; these orange straws via Souder {found via Luna & Chloe}; and this apple garland {image source unknown}.
Bold Mood image credits: this tweed {image source unknown}; this cake {image source unknown}; these bundles of yarn via Brooklyn Tweed; this place setting via House Beautiful; this pretty lady {image source unknown}; this burlap bunting via MirtilloShop {Etsy}; this table setting via Jennifer Sando {found via Style Me Pretty}; and this stationery via Anastasia Marie {image by Daniel Usenko}.
Hello Yellow image credits: these shoes {image source unknown}; this cake via Martha Stewart Weddings; this glitzy outfit {image source unknown}; this yellow bouquet via Aaron Snow, found via Style Me Pretty; this table setting via The Decorista {image source unknown}; this bridal dress {image source unknown}; this boutonniere via Sara Gray, found via Elizabeth Anne; these bowls via Anthropologie.

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  1. I love how color can make you feel so many different emotions! Hello Yellow is my fave!! I might have to go out and paint my room now :)


  2. Love the yellow...they are all so beautiful and bright!

  3. I absolutely love the first one! So pretty!

  4. Welcome back! I'm sure you're very very very much enjoying the discovery of light in your life... :o)
    Santa was quite nice, huh?

    BTW, I'm very much in love with the shoes on the hello yellow board...
    if only my feet could bare high heals...

  5. i got the same toy ;) pictures are adorable :)))

  6. Looove this post!

    I'm in the middle of planning my wedding so these mood boards are perfect inspiration for me.




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