Monday, January 19, 2015

DIY wooden ornaments with a little sparkle

A little over a month ago, I helped throw a baby shower and made ornaments as the party gift. I know it doesn't have much to do with babies, however it was right before Christmas and the theme was very "woodsy" and so it was perfectly fitting.

So, my parents had this pepper tree in their backyard that they chopped down. My dad saved a bunch of the branches and a bit of the trunk. So I ventured out and picked the best branch and my sweet dad sliced about 60 of these ornaments for me! He even drilled little holes in them too...seriously I have the best dad in the entire universe. Don't argue with me on that, you'll totally loose. :-)

So after everything was cut and drilled I got a glue stick and spread some on top of each slice of wood and sprinkled some sparkles all over. Glitter really is the butter to my bread when it comes to things like this :-). Than I just tied a ribbon and they were good to go...

Tomorrow I'll be posting all the photos of the shower, so make sure to check back! 

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