Tuesday, February 17, 2015

keep Portland weird...

Supposedly the motto for the City of Roses (aka Portland) is "Keep Portland Weird" which I found pretty ironic considering there was nothing weird about it. Well, I mean, unless gorgeous trees and vegetation, delicious food, amazing waterfalls and landscape, a great skyline and pretty awesome thrift weird?! Occasionally we saw some "interesting" people, but thats anywhere you go, right?

My sister and I flew up to interview Katie (the mind behind  Puj) at her amazing new warehouse/office for my desire to inspire series which I will talk ALL about soon enough...

But, anyways we were only there for two days so we had to fit as much in as we possibly could! I promised myself that next time I go to Oregon, I have to venture out to the coast b/c supposedly the beaches are amazing! We just didn't have enough time.

So within those 48 hours (thanks to my traveling partner Paige, who wrote out a whole itinerary) we got a lot in and I thought I'd share some of my favorite spots we saw and ate at!

-roast beef sandwich at knuckles sandwich 
-Lan Su Chinese Garden
-Japanese Gardens (two different gardens both so gorgeous and serene...)
-Multinomah Falls (bring along your camera, you'll want it!)
-drove around Kingston Avenue and drooled over all the beautifully charming homes
-toured the ever so interesting Pittock Mansion
-and you have to hit up Voodoo donuts just because it's a Portland staple and they're pretty yummy!
-Screen Door for breakfast (get there early because there was a nice long line waiting for use and supposedly it's always that way)
-Portland LDS Temple

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  1. That looks amazing! Your pictures are always the best! 👏

  2. You make me want to visit Portland. It looks damp and I do enjoy my sun so I might not live there but seriously Voodoo donuts LMAO! YES!

  3. Ah! I'm so glad you got to come here - it would have been fun to see you! :) It is a crazy place, but with plenty of beauty in the details. Thanks for the P-town spotlight. Take care! - Jessica

  4. It was nice reading experience as you have traveling. Thanks for the share. Check out Astrolika for famous temples of India. You are definitely going to like that.


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